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Now install the best quality car parking shades in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah at the most affordable rates.

Car Parking Shades in dubai

Car parking shade in Dubai

Do you love your car? Of course, you do a lot of care of your vehicle and try your best to park it under the shady area so you protect your car. It is a very important product when you are parking outside of any building to ensure that it is safe from sunlight and Ultraviolet rays and keep it cool. It also functions as a shield from other adverse effects of weather such as storms, hailing, wind, and dust. When it comes to purchasing we always opt for the best and most reliable source before spending our money on such things.


Al Safrik Fabrication provides you with the finest product that meets your requirements. We are served in this field for more than 10 years in Dubai. Our team delivers their services wholeheartedly to satisfy our customers and we have uncountable valuable customers who come to us repeatedly.


Al Safrik Fabrication is on the list of those who launched Car parking shade suppliers in Dubai and appearing with unique and appropriate designs and installation facilities of car parking shades in Dubai. We present a wide range of high-quality car shades for residential and commercial purposes that meet your requirements. You can choose according to your need or we have the facility to customize it for you.
We are offering superior Car parking shades in Dubai that are for the long run and safeguard your vehicles from dangerous rays.
Features of our Shades


We use the best material:

We are one of the best Car parking shade suppliers in Dubai who are using the supreme material for fruitful outcomes. We use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and HDPE (high-density polythene) in the making of these. PVC is having stiffness. It is the perfect choice when installation is for rough and tough places. On the other hand, HDPE is softer and bendable, and unbreakable as well. It has the ability to bear pressure with no difficulty for a longer time. We are the most trustable car parking manufacturers in Dubai.
Our vehicle leaving conceal is highly designed to secure your vehicle from the hazardous UV beams which can fade away from their colors and make them hot in the warm weather of Dubai. We have done 100+ projects with a lot of different designs. If you are searching for the best Car parking manufacturers in Dubai then you are at the right place to connect with.


We design the best structure for you:

We have a team of expert engineers who are well trained about the new software and techniques and properly use them at the time of designing. Our team analyzes your place and suggests you the appropriate design. And while making of these we always respect our client’s suggestions too and keep them in mind. We make sure that high-quality fabric and raw material are consumed.

Weather resistance:

Dubai is among one those countries that have very short wintertime and no ending summers. In summers it’s very hot there. This extreme hotness destroys all the things and products that come in the contact with the heat. But we care for you and bring its solution as we are providing top Car parking shade in Dubai UAE. We use import quality products directly from Europe and our experts install them with intense care to avoid any mishap. The best of the market will deliver to you on your demand. Our parking shades are built in a manner that they can bear the harsh weather of Dubai. They can block 99% percent of harmful rays that directly come from the sun and they can affect our skin and as well as our cars color and protect your engine from getting hot without start. Our product will keep your vehicle safe from storms and rain. They are strong enough to fortify them in the heavy hailing. So if you are looking forward to the leading Car parking shade in Sharjah then stop hesitating and do contact us.


Thick frame:

The frame is the base of the shade so we provide the heavyweight structure so it can easily go through the heavy winds and don’t float away with the storm. It’s a very good choice for long-term use. We make sure the endurance.
Type of car Parking shade that we provide

Cantilever Car Parking Shades:

They are available in various shapes and types according to the need of customers. These are column-free and are mostly used in the parking areas of airports and in parking services to make it secure from the UV rays and other sudden weather changes.

Hanging Umbrella Shade:

We facilitate you with the most adjustable shade with the base. We make sure the strength of the base and quality of the umbrella shade.

Bottom Support Parking Shade:

These are the sturdiest ones and give you 99.9% safety from the ultraviolet rays that may cause some loss. They can face the hardest weather effects.

Sail Type Car Parking Shed:

We export its cloth from Australia as it prepared in the particular country. These are the most convenient and easy to install. You can wrap it up when you want.

Pyramid Shape Shade:

They are the most famous type of shade. We give you the pre-eminent product to protect your vehicle with authenticity.

Wall Mounted Shades:

These are attached to the wall with the roller so one can easily put them off when they are not required. We entertain our clients with the finest one and durable ones.

Arch Cantilever Car Parking:

We are supplying the best Arch Cantilever Car Parking shades to aid you to take care of your vehicle.

Wave Type Shades:

These are the most aesthetic shade which has a unique wavy design. We make sure that they are flexible and easy to remove. We give you the supreme quality product that fits in your outdoor and indoor.

Solar Carports:

These are the famous ones in the present as we all know about solar energy. These shades are skillfully installed over the parking area and these solar panels absorb the sun rays and convert them into electricity. We deliver Solar Carports with the sky-high quality that our consumer asks for.

Double Side Car Parking Shed:

These shades are much effective and able to give shadow ate both sides of the parking. We make accurate parking panels expertly.

We offer our services in the following sectors:

• Official Parking
• Bleacher shade
• Walkways shade
• Pavilion shades
• Horse shades
• Garden canopy
• Pool shades
Al Safrik Fabrication ranks high in Car parking shades in Dubai UAE in your nearby areas. As we all know this fact that cars are now part of the luxury lifestyle and an asset in every class. So you ignore its maintenance and protection it will become weaker and unpleasant with every passing day. We are entertaining with our services of Car parking shed in Sharjah for more than a decade and we are constantly winning hearts. So now it’s your time to avail the best services of Car parking shed in Dubai.


The Company was Formed in the year 2010 and in a short span of just 12 years the Company has Fabricated and installed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in excess of 10,000 Tons of Project-related and Industrial Fabrications and Manufactured Thousands of pieces of Construction and Material Handling Equipment. Today Al Safrik Fabrication ranks high amongst multi-disciplinary medium-sized Companies offering a diverse range of engineering and fabrication services to its customers.

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