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Flatbed trailers in Dubai

Technology changed the world entirely. It affected our lives directly. By the advancement in every field, it made our life very easy and moveable. Thus it brings a huge change in industries and businesses. It is very common to move around along with luxuries and other heavy goods so isn’t it great to keep them safe while shifting to another place. But for this, we need trucks and other vehicles. A flatbed trailer is the best choice to move your goods without facing any damage. They have no roof and sidewalls. It is very handy to put any heavy machinery or thing on this while traveling regardless of measuring distance.

Here comes the point that where to buy the best as many companies are claiming to be best among all. We always search for the best place to buy who has quality products.

Al Safrik Fabrication is serving in this field for more than one decade and we stand on the list of those who provide the best flatbed trailers in Dubai. Our customers’ needs are always our priority and we try to give our best to them. We are the most demanding flatbed trailers suppliers in Dubai since 2010. We have a huge range of flatbed trailers having different sizes and prices.  You have the opportunity to select the products according to your need. Our flatbed trailers in Dubai are trusted world widely.

Feature of our trailers:

High-quality at a low price:

When it comes to the things like these have very high prices in the market but we are providing you with the finest product that will give out satisfactory services. We are trying our best to provide a flatbed trailer in Sharjah at a low cost.

Trailers length and width:

These two are the most important point to keep in mind in the making procedure. Our experts’ team examines the products that you are going to deal with. Your suggestions are also respected we keep in mind while creating. We make sure to make the exact length that will be best for your cargo. When it comes to the width it must be considered while processing because they have various sizes and designs and it is always recommended to opt for the wider one. So we are the top flatbed trailer supplier in Dubai who has wider trailers. So you can utilize it for different purposes.

Up-to-date and meeting the current requirements:

Our trailers are according to the new updates and we have its inspection record since it’s manufactured so you can easily see the changes that are required to be made after every update. It helps us to maintain the trailers for the long run. You will be proud to be connected with the company who is one of the top flatbed trailers in Dubai.

Highly qualified team of experts work proof:

It is a very crucial point in any organization or industry. Some don’t consider this and ignore it completely. But according to us it’s very important and increases our customers’ trust in us. Here we are providing our engineers’ certificates and work experience testimony in this field. So it gives you the feeling of satisfaction that your product is being processed under the supervision of experts.

Superior material:

Our trailers are durable and the strongest ones. We use the finest quality material in we aluminum and steel are included. Mostly we use aluminum while manufacturing as it performs better and for a longer time. Steel is also a good choice to prepare these; they both can vary in cost. We are a high-ranked flatbed trailer in Sharjah.

We deal with all types of trailers:

  • Semi-trailer
  • Flatbed trailer
  • Lowbed trailer
  • Oil field low bed trailer
  • Oil filed flatbed trailer
  • Gooseneck trailer
  • Crane
  • Water tanker
  • Sewage tanker
  • Diesel tanker
  • 3XL tripper
  • 2XL tripper
  • Gas cylinder trailer
  • Side trailer
  • Fence trailer
  • Utility trailer
  • Cargo trailer

We are one of the best flatbed manufacturers in Dubai. Here are some prominent types that we are working on have a look at them

Flatbed trailers:

These are the most famous type of trucks. They can bear up to 50000 pounds weight of goods. We are proud to be the top flatbed trailer manufacturer in Dubai.

Lowboy trailer:

It kind of unpowered trailer and it is used for the tall objects to shift as flatbeds are had limited height things. They can bear more than 30000 pounds load.

Stretch double drop trailer:

They are used when an oversized shipment is required. All other types have restricted length thus they maybe be not suitable for all shifts.  We make sure to provide the most effective product as we are the best flatbed trailer in Dubai UAE.

Removable gooseneck trailer:

They are the most convenient ones when it comes to loading the machinery and other heavy and tall goods. It is because that they are droppable and turn themselves into the ramp. They are capable to bear a load of 43000 pounds.  They are expensive as compared to other trailers.

Curtain side or Conestoga trailers:

They have a sliding cover that protects the cargo without any loss. It can hold the weight of 44000 pounds at a time. We ensure you provide the high-quality sliding cover that is for the long run.

 Side kit trailer:

It is the strongest design that can hold products from bottom to top. It has endured sides that are made of plywood, fiberglass, and steel. They are more in demand as they seem more protected while transferring by-products.

Why choose us:

Everyone wants to avail the best of the best. If you are going to spend a huge amount, so you want the superior one that doesn’t need to change after a short time and that can only happen when you are connected with the best. We are leading flatbed trailers in Dubai UAE, so what are you waiting for, hurry up and do contact us for your desired product to be more fruitful to you.


The Company was Formed in the year 2010 and in a short span of just 12 years the Company has Fabricated and installed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in excess of 10,000 Tons of Project-related and Industrial Fabrications and Manufactured Thousands of pieces of Construction and Material Handling Equipment. Today Al Safrik Fabrication ranks high amongst multi-disciplinary medium-sized Companies offering a diverse range of engineering and fabrication services to its customers.

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