Pole Padding in Dubai Uae

We always prefer safety and when it comes to our beloved things we don’t take any risk. When you visit a park with your children you make sure that there are no harmful objects that may injure your kids. On other hand, we care about our vehicle safety too.  When we park them in the parking area, place them carefully so they are not touching any hard object. The frame of the parking stands and swings in the playgrounds are mostly made of steel and iron.

 These two are hefty and can damage anything which comes into contact with them. So what is the solution to this problem? We never deny these two activities and start avoiding such places. But every difficulty has a solution. We know there is a new invention every minute and this speedy advancement brings a solution to this mess. 

Yes, you heard it right. Pole padding is the right thing opt for this. Pole pads are cylindrical-shaped pads that cover the hard object and ensure safety.

Alsafrik Fabrications are a trustworthy Pole padding manufacturer in Dubai. We are serving in this field since 2010 and now we have much experience in this. Quality is our priority and that makes us a proud pole padding supplier in Dubai.

Pole padding comes in different shapes and designs and you can find all these at pole padding in Dubai UAE.

Types of pads that are manufactured by us are:

Pre-fitted safety padding:

They are designed to fit any kind of post. We mostly design it for outdoor use. We cut the foam very fine by following the term contour cut and covering it in high-quality polyester fabric. You can easily install them in any sports park where they are required most.

“I” beams pads:

We all are aware of the I beams whether we know their name or not. They are used in the process of construction and it is one of the very crucial parts of construction and structure development because they can bear a lot of load with no difficulty. They are made of steel and able to damage the object that collapses with them so it is very important to cover them. So keeping this in mind as a leading pole padding manufacture in Dubai we come up with the best padding for them which is 3’ thick polyurethane foam and secured with the 18oz vinyl-coated polyester sheet.

Flexible plaster protective wrap/cover:

These wraps are unique in their way. They can cover different shapes of pilasters whether they are round, square, or rectangular. They are widely used indoors and outdoors. They consist of 2” D-filled polyurethane foam that is covered with supreme quality fabric. They are available in 6” standard size with customized height. If you are looking for one then do contact us, we ensure to provide the best Pole padding in Dubai.

Features of our Product

Contour cutting:

It is a very prominent point. We always tried to give our customers the best of the best. So for this, we make sure that the cutting process has been done properly. We use the sharp blades to cut the foam and fabric to give it a clean look because everyone loves the thing that gives pleasant look. Our team is highly concentrated to entertain you with top Pole padding in Dubai UAE.

Customized pole pads:

Pole pads are often available in standard sizes. We mostly required different types and shape pads according to our needs because every product is not for everyone. So we are the leading Pole padding supplier in Dubai who has a team of experts who can understand your needs and customize the demanded product for you.

Washable Cover:

Clean and tidy things attract all. Isn’t it good to remove and wash the covers of pads when they are dirty? Of course, it is. So the best pole padding in Sharjah facilitates you with this quality. Our pads covers are removable and easy to wash to give them new look.

High UV resistance:

UV rays are very dangerous for all things that are on the earth. When anything gets and direct exposure to the sun then ultraviolet rays, fade away its color and create extra heat which is dangerous. We are providing the best pole padding in Dubai. They are mainly used for the outdoors that’s why our products are highly UV resistant to protect the object.

Weather friendly:

When we place a thing outside, we make sure that it is capable of facing different circumstances and environments. So our products are manufactured in such way that they can bear the all season whether it’s a storm, flood or heavy hailing. As a leading firm of pole padding in Sharjah, we make sure that our pads can cope up with all situations and works as a shield in the stormy weather.

Durable and reliable:

Our pads are of superior quality and can work in long run. They absorb no water and this helps to protect our objects from getting rust and make them work in long term. This saves your money and very low maintenance.

Now let us tell you some important information about manufacturing which we required when we go for a purchase. Have a look at the material that is used in the making process.

Inner side material:

We use the finest polyurethane foam which comes from the family of rubber. It is waterproof and makes the product more valuable.

Outer side material:

We utilize a Vinyl-coated polyester sheet to make it more durable. It is waterproof and has a very strong surface which protects the thing from dirt, water, and hazardous UV rays.

Why choose us

 Now a day a lot of options are in front of us when we decide to buy anything. Choosing from so many is not an easy task and we always opt for the best option. We proudly say that we have a team of very capable experts. We are in the market for more than one decade. We work on 200+ projects with 99.9% success. So what are you waiting for? Do connect with the best that are providing high-quality Pole padding in Dubai.